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Family Law

Child Custody Lawyers in Adelaide

We know that meeting the needs of your children during separation or divorce can be a difficult challenge. Issues might include parental and grandparental access, where your children will live, school choices, and how the children will celebrate special events. As knowledgable lawyers for child custody family law in Australia, we’ll listen to you and give you clear advice.

If you disagree about children’s issues, applying for court orders in family law & child custody should be a last resort. That’s why the best place to start is by speaking to your former partner. If you’re able to reach an agreement we can help record a Parenting Plan.

Alternatively, you may both decide to seek mediation to have a meaningful discussion with your former partner and resolve your dispute. Christopher Swan is an accredited mediator and can help you reach an agreement about children’s issues. Read more about mediation here.

If you don’t wish to go to court, Collaborative Practice will help you have a respectful conversation about your children with your former partner. Read more about Collaborative Practice here.

If you and your former partner can’t agree and need to go to court, a Swan child custody lawyer can prepare your application for court orders in relation to children’s issues. We can also prepare your application if you or your former partner’s circumstances have changed and you want to alter the existing orders.

Before going to court, you are required to attempt mediation. The court will then decide your dispute by referring to what’s in your children’s ‘best interests’. The court will prioritise children having a meaningful relationship with both parents, and the need to protect them from physical or psychological harm or being exposed to abuse, neglect or family violence.

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